Support Services


Support Services

Whether a local business has challenges in the local market place, or an International organization is attempting to conduct projects in the Gulf region; Global Business Network offers turn-key solutions to circumvent challenges our clients face whilst conducting their core activities. Since inception of the specialized Support Services Department, a wide variety of projects have been successfully completed in the region and resulted in strong professional relationships with our clients.

Our team consists out of local and international professionals with a tremendous amount of relevant and varied experience within various sectors relevant to our services. Our diversity is a strength that, amongst many things, allows us to function effectively within governmental organizations without compromising quality. By engaging closely with the client throughout the project, from initial contact till completion, we ensure project delivery is as per client expectations.

An important aspect of our service is that we respect the fact that information disclosed to our team is often of a sensitive and confidential nature; hence through extensive background checks, personality assessments, legally binding documentation, and methodology we take utmost care to maintain the confidentiality of any materials shared with our organization.

Global Business Network provides a wide variety of Support Services based on specific project requirements; brief descriptions of the most frequently delivered services are given below;

Linguistic Services

One of the main challenges of effectively conducting business in the Gulf region is language; even though a lot of people speak English, most are more comfortable discussing complicated subjects in their native language. Government institutions often require documentation to be submitted in Arabic and conduct most of their business and operations in Arabic as it is the official local language.

We offer solutions such as Document Translation and Interpretation (equipment) to help our clients communicate with local entities and people. We also provide Language Training and Cultural Awareness Seminars for clients that expect to have a prolonged presence in the region.

Our team of Interpreters and Translators has immense experience and expertise in providing both Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation;

  • Simultaneous Interpretation: with the equipment utilized by the interpreter they are able to translate directly without any need for the speaker to pause. The interpreter is positioned in a soundproof “booth” and all attendees/participants are handed a small receiver and headset; which allows the choice to listen to either the speaker or interpreter. This type of interpretation is mainly used at conferences, seminars, workshops, and training. It is the most time effective type of interpretation but some of the supporting equipment is stationary.
  • Consecutive Interpretation:A wide variety of techniques can be deployed by the interpreters to translate for individuals or groups in a manner that is least disruptive for all involved. Besides linguistic skill, we assure that all our team members have good interpersonal skills and are correctly dressed and groomed; whether for business meetings with VIP’s or outdoor physically intensive activities. This type of interpretation is mainly used at business meetings, small gatherings, outdoor activities, and highly interactive settings. It is the most flexible type of interpretation.
  • Document Translation:a much sought after service and hence also a service offered by many small companies, the challenge however is getting the correct quality translation for your specific requirement. Global Business Network provides this service solely to organizations, not to individuals, as our focus is on high quality professional translation of complex documents of various natures such as; contracts, tenders, training materials, presentations, and any other corporate document. This service is provided to all sectors, including Law and Medical.
  • Language & Cultural Awareness Training: whenever a client is deploying staff to the region for an extended period of time it is often consider to be of great added value in developing relations with local entities by acquiring at least a basic understanding of Arabic and the local culture. Global Business Network offers courses that are designed to match the needs of foreign professionals being located to Oman for an extended period and focuses on Arabic skills that are immediately applicable in work environments. If an organization requires a group to be trained, courses can be designed to cover specific terminology relevant to the sector.

Police, Military & Security Training Services

To navigate the complicated and highly confidential government entities responsible for national security including the police, military, Royal Guard, and other specialized entities is a daunting task. An understanding of the local structure, geopolitical situation, regulations, culture and customs, network, and reputation are among the many other requirements for an organization to be effective in this sector. The CEO of Global Business Network, Mr. Masoud El Esry, has many years of experience working as part of these entities and has an in-depth knowledge only attainable for people with this type of experience.

Global Business Network accompanies the aforementioned with International relationships build with some of the world major security contractors over the course of supporting a plethora of projects in the region. Our organization has experience in supporting projects conducted on behalf of the US State Department, US Department of Energy, and UK Ministry of Defense, amongst others.

Due to our relationships we have access to world leading specialists in almost any imaginable field related to National Security and our goal is to introduce this knowledge to local entities by offering training programs custom tailored to specific requirements shared with us. Whether fresh recruits or seasoned high ranking officers, the learning curve is never-ending and due to the complexity and importance of the work we believe ongoing training is paramount to achieving the targets of entities responsible for National Security. All instructors are highly qualified on the theoretical and tactical levels with expertise not only as operators with many years of experience but also as instructors.

Courses we provide are US State Department approved and conducted fully confidential for our clients. Upon request and validation of affiliation with a relevant agency, more details can be provided.

Local Support Services

Our ability to offer solutions for project management and support in the Sultanate of Oman and Gulf region is made possible by having a team and network available to us capable of providing a wide range services. Our support is custom-tailored to meet the requirements of the client; our project managers and coordinators will engage with the client to determine all specifically required services and will develop a plan accordingly.

There is a tremendous list of services and items procured for our clients ranging from visas, mobile phones, and accommodation to vehicles with drivers and chartered flights. Below is a short list of most frequently requested services;

  • Accommodation: very competitive rates have been established with hotels and guest houses in the capital and other regions. With our knowledge of the local hotels, geographical and infrastructural situation, we are a valuable partner in determining most effective accommodations. For longer duration stays we offer private accommodation to our clients and in case of large numbers we offer camp construction and facility management.
  • Vehicles: sedans, SUV’s, buses; through our partnerships we provide fully insured and safe vehicles to our clients, whether with or without driver. The options are numerous and we are confident we can offer a suitable solution to your requirement.
  • Procurement of local services: with our local identity and international partnerships and experience, we function as a focal point for our international clients, ensuring cost-effective procurement of services that are supposed to be locally procured, also ensuring the post-procurement management of the sub-mentioned resources, always in a timely and organized manner. 
  • Coordination with Local Government Entities: Our team of Public Relations Officers is active around the clock to deal with all issues related to paperwork within Public institutions in the Sultanate. They help our clients with local registrations, government interaction and compliance and other services, saving them time, effort and money.
  • Visa Services:A specialized team of experts is dedicated to all issues related to issuing visas, residence cards and all relevant paperwork for internationally outsourced staff. Multiple visa options are available depending on the duration of projects and positions and our organization has the capability to procure or assist in the process of acquiring the requested.